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Le Sacre Du Travail

Le Sacre Du Travail The Tangent CD 7/23/2013 3 45879

Andy Tillison, the mastermind behind The Tangent, isn’t a wet-behind-the-ears newbie when it comes to the world of prog rock. He knows he’s taken a risk with the band’s new album, Le Sacre du Travail (French for ‘The Rite of Work’), but ten years of leading the band on its journey and seven albums to show for it have given him the strength and courage to present something decidedly different in today’s world of prog. Spurred on by the growing resurgence of progressive rock to do something unexpected, he zeroed in on the idea of creating an orchestra suite in the spirit of artists like Camel and Deep Purple’s dearly departed Jon Lord. Some may consider the new album to be too far afield from what’s considered prog rock these days, but The Tangent enjoy a broad international fanbase who respect the fact their heroes are bent on being as big and bold and as adventurous as the people who originally started the progressive rock movement off in the late‘60s. Le Sacre Du Travail is the first fully blown "concept album" by The Tangent. Formed from a single hour long piece of music in 5 movements and referred to by the band as "An Electric Sinfonia" based around a working day of a typical Western-world citizen. It's highly orchestral and 20th century classical in tone, very much inspired by Stravinsky's “The Rite of Spring”. (2013)

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01. 1st Movement: Coming UpOn The Hour (Overture)
02. 2nd Movement: Morning Journey & Arrival
03. 3rd Movement: Afternoon Malaise
04. 4th Movement: A Voyage Through Rush Hour
05. 5th Movement: Evening TV

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